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We are a feminist theatre company, based in the North East,  that strives to explore issues that universally affect women by telling old and new stories in a fun, engaging way. We aim to create a safe inclusive place that celebrates positivity and womanhood. By creating innovative shows that began to challenge femininity and stereotypes, we aim to be a loud voice for those still trying to find their own. 

Having originally met in 2018 at The Northern School of Art in Hartlepool as being a part of the first acting course of the university, we realised that all of our interests were aligned..For our final project at the university, we all came together to create our first show ‘Emma – A Play by Emma Woodhouse’ A contemporary adaptation based on the Jane Austen novel. Through finding joy in working as a group to produce theatre that we were proud of, we decided that we wanted to continue working together in the future – and so the Menstrual Rage theatre company was born.

The name ‘Menstrual Rage’ came about by accident in the most stressful time at university – The dissertation. When used as a placeholder chapter title by a classmate, these words resonated with us by perfectly depicting what we wanted to [become]. By taking ownership over something that is deemed to be negative yet effects half of the population, we wanted a name that tackles the stigma surrounding it and be able to bring these words into conversation comfortably. 

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